Office 365 – Our Top 5 Features

Today we are going to be focusing on Office 365 and looking at the top 5 reasons why it’s great for small and medium businesses.

OneDrive for Business – Securely synch your local documents to the cloud!

So let’s set the scene. You’ve acquired a new client and you’ve been working on a number of documents for them over the past week and then suddenly out of nowhere, BAM! Your laptop fails! That’s a weeks’ worth of work gone and one very unhappy customer. I’m sure most of us can recall a similar situation to this and how frustrating it can be (I know I can think of a fair few!).

With OneDrive for business, you will not need to worry anymore. OneDrive acts as your hard drive in the cloud, where you can securely synch your documents on the fly. Synchronising documents with OneDrive means that not only you have a local copy on your laptop, but you also have a copy stored in the cloud. So should your laptop fail, you can rest assured knowing all your documents are safe and sound and ready to be accessed from another device.

Accessibility – Access Office from anywhere and on any device

This follows on quite nicely from our first scenario. You’re awaiting delivery of your replacement laptop, but thanks to Office 365 you can continue to work on your documents using any other device. Tablet? Phone? No problem.
Enterprise Class Email

As SME’s, we depend heavily on the reliability and up-time of our systems and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to emails. This is often one of the most common ways we communicate with our customers and suppliers. Office 365 offers a business enterprise class email solution without the need for expensive investment in IT infrastructure. This includes huge 50gb mailboxes, unlimited email archives, calendars, scheduling tools and many more indispensable features. Once you migrate to Office 365, you will never look back!

The Latest and Greatest Microsoft Office Applications!

Office 365 is continually updated with frequent security patching and new versions released. There are no expensive upgrades or huge software installation involved so your system is always up to date and ready to use 365 days a year.

Faster, Better, Cheaper – Slash your IT Bills!

Many of our customers are shocked by how much money an Office 365 solution can save on their existing IT bills. No more servers, no more expensive support contracts. With an Office 365 solution from Azure Internet, you can accelerate your business into the next generation of IT at low costs.

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