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Data Protection by Design

General Data Protection Regulation is the replacement for the existing Data Protection Act and will apply in the UK from the 25th of May 2018. The GDPR includes a number of new and amended requirements to the existing act, including the technical and procedural controls to protect personal data. In order to meet GDPR compliance it is critical to integrate your technical Cyber Security and procedural controls.

We offer a range of services to help support and ensure your compliance with GDPR. From advanced data protection solutions, including file and disk encryption to next generation cyber security. We protect your organisation and safeguard your data.


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Data Protection

Protect your data with automatic data classification, labelling and encryption. Safeguard and track your documents even after they have been shared outside of your organisation.

Cyber Security

Next generation and award winning cyber security designed for small and medium enterprises. Detect unknown threats, stop ransomware, prevent data leakage and more.

Cloud Backup

Backup all of your data, securely, to the cloud. Unlimited storage and unlimited retention periods ensure that your information is continually available.

Azure 365

A comprehensive IT solution that incorporates business applications, data protection and cyber security, designed with small and medium enterprises in mind.

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