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Data and Information Security

Control and protect your data, even after it has left your organisation. With Azure Information Protection you can classify, protect and restrict access to all of your important documents and emails. Safely share data with colleagues and external staff, explicitly defining who can access the data and what they can do with it. Quickly revoke access at any time. Azure Information Protection supports your organisations efforts in becoming GDPR compliant.

Achieve GDPR compliance with Azure Information Protection. Secure your data, no matter where it is stored or who it’s shared with.

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Data Classification & Labelling

Classify data automatically based on the content or manually set data classification. Once classified, visible labels can be added to the document to identify the sensitivity of the information within.


Data Protection & Rights Management

Confidential data is encrypted, only authenticated users that have been granted the appropriate use rights are able to view or edit it.


Secure Data Sharing

Securely share your data outside of your organisation, all classifications, labels and protections remain in place. If data ends up in the wrong hands it will be inaccessible without the correct user credentials.


Data Monitoring & Control

Track and monitor activities on your documents, revoke access in the event of any unauthorised access or suspicious activity. In depth logs and reports ensure that you can demonstrate compliance to regulators.


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