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Secure Data Backup

Backup and secure your data with Acronis Cloud backup from Azure Internet, the worlds fastest backup solution. Acronis offer award winning and industry leading backup services that protects all of your business data, including your files, folders, desktops, servers and more. This cost effective and highly secure solution enables you to quickly backup and restore data at the click of a button.

Cloud backups are stored in secure and compliant data centres that are certified under PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISAE3402 and SSAE-16 SOC-1. Data is encrypted and only the data owner has the ability to access it using self defined encryption keys for added security.

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Backup Everything

Backup all of your files and folders, even backup entire computers and servers including the operating system. Define data retention periods or keep your data backed up indefinitely.

Recover Data In Seconds

Restore individual files and folders or entire computers and servers in record time with the world’s fastest backup solution. Recover data in as little as 15 seconds.

Secure Offsite Backups

Backup data is stored securely in the Acronis cloud. Improve security of your data with at-source AES-256 encryption of your backups and metadata, protected by irreversibly encrypted passwords.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Acronis helps your business to meet its compliance requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation, FCA & SRA Handbook rules and more.

Don’t lose your data.

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