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Cyber Security For SME’s

Cyber Attacks are the number one threat to your organisation. In 2016, nearly 50% of all UK businesses were subject to a Cyber Attack. In 2017 we will see this figure rise along with the associated costs.

Azure Internet LTD offer a comprehensive set of Cyber Security services designed specifically for SME’s. All of our products and services have been rigorously tested and compared against competitors to ensure we can offer our customers the best possible protection.

Risk Assessment

We can provide a full risk assessment of your existing IT systems and processes, highlighting any vulnerabilities and recommending improvements where they are required.


We offer a variety of services to protect your business from Cyber Attacks, ranging from End Point protection such as anti-virus and disk encryption to Secure Messaging services.


Utilising next generation Cyber Security technology, we can detect the most complex attacks before they cause any damage to your organisation and its customers.


Our Incident Response services ensure that your business is recovered as quickly and effectively as possible in the unfortunate event of a Cyber Attack.

Secure Your Organisation

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